Fundraise from Home!

We encourage everyone to help out in this valuable cause however they can–whether it’s time, skills, or donations, we want to connect as many people to these children as we can.

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Please see below for ideas on how to fundraise, or contact info@hoperuns.org with any questions or ideas you may have to get involved.

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Letter writing Campaign Send 50-75 letters to friends and family; don’t forget to follow up with a phone call and a thank you card!
Charity Dinners Host a dinner at a local restaurant; charge per plate and ask the restaurant to donate the food; follow up with thank you and non-profit tax ID number so they can write off their donation [if in USA]
House Parties Invite friends and colleagues; get donated food and have a 15 minute presentation on the event and the cause; ask for sponsors or relevant connections
Post Flyers in Local Businesses Make a list of local businesses and approach them in-person with your request; for positive responses, follow up with information about sponsorship opportunities
Set up Training Blog Set up a blog online solely dedicated to your training and fundraising in preparation for a fundraising event; have a donate button that links to our credit card or donation sites
Host a Wine-Tasting Night / Happy Hour at local spot Do a local search of wine bars and popular happy hour spots; speak with owners or managers about hosting an event; ask for a percentage of sales for the evening
Pursue Local sponsorships from local organizations Search local businesses (such as athletic establishments) and approach with sponsorship opportunities
Silent Auctions Collect donated items from the community (gift certificates at spas, restaurants, businesses, artists, etc) and host a silent auction. Set a minimum to ensure it’s a successful evening.
Mile per run in training or competition Sponsorship Campaign Begin a campaign seeking sponsors for each mile that you run – whether for training or for the actual event – and ask for a certain amount per mile. This is something you can get your advocates to promote for you!
Movie Night Ask local movie theatres to donate proceeds on a given night; send out a mass invitation to all local friends, family, colleagues – anyone! – to come out for a movie AND support your cause at the same time.
Art Exhibitions Do you know any artists? Ask for donated pieces and have an art gallery showcase the work; host an “Ĺ“opening exhibit” night, sell the pieces to support your cause, and make sure the gallery continues to showcase the work for at least one week following the event.
Presentations at local organizations such as churches, schools, etc Request a PowerPoint presentation from Hope Runs staff high-lighting the event and the cause; do a presentation in your community and close the night with a request for a donation within the means of your guests.
Seek press in local newspapers/ sports publications Write your own press release: a 3-4 paragraph story about WHAT you’re doing and WHY. Everyone loves a great story! Send it out to running publications and local newspapers (do your research: find a staff writer’s name and e-mail address), along with information how to support your efforts.

Volunteer In the Field:

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gi_3There are many ways to volunteer in the field as well.

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Hope Runs places volunteer coaches in the field for 8-10 week service experiences. Each orphanage site hosts several volunteers, and our volunteers work and live together for their duration of their fellowship. Although the majority of volunteers are young adults serving during summer breaks, such a service experience is available to all ages, throughout the year, and for longer durations of stay as well. In select cases we will also consider shorter term assignments.

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To apply as a volunteer to serve in the field for Hope Runs, please fill out our application or contact us at info@hoperuns.org.

Fliers, Letters, etc:

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Use these for shoe drives, running for Hope Runs in your own race, writing letters, and helping out Hope Runs at home!

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* Hope Runs informational flier
* Running a race at home as a Hope Runner information
* Hope Runner “Letter to Race Director” template
* Shoe Donation Collection Shipping flier
* Shoe Donation Collection flier

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