What does Hope Runs do?
Hope Runs works to empower children in impoverished communities with an understanding of personal health, social entrepreneurship and technology through running. On-site service learning coaches lead daily running programs, while also organizing an internationally-attended race that calls global attention to the community and its unique challenges. They also establish creative writing projects, technology training, and small scale businesses that help this community continue to thrive in the future.

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What are Hope Runs’ main projects?

  • College, University and High School Scholarships in Kenya and the USA
  • Business Education and Training Program (Tomorrow’s Leaders)
  • After-School Running Program
  • First blog on the internet written by OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children). See this award-winning blog at TumainiKids.Blogspot.com.
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Where does Hope Runs operate?
Our pilot site was at the Tumaini Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya. We now have spread as well to another home, the Huruma Center in Kenya.

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What does Tumaini mean?
In Swahili, Tumaini means Hope! Huruma means mercy.

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What is an AIDS orphan?
A common misconception is that the term “AIDS Orphans” means that the children themselves are sick. This may not be the case. The term actually refers to their parents’ cause of death, and can be used on a larger level to refer to the “Silent Crisis” behind this lost generation.

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What brings a child to Tumaini?
There are four main reasons that the 170+ children have ended up at Tumaini, and why there are so many more hoping to enter.

  1. Either one or both of a child’s parents died of AIDS.
  2. The child is orphaned for another reason.
  3. The poverty level is such that a child’s parents cannot support him or her.
  4. The parents are mentally unfit to care for their children.
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What languages do the children speak?
For most children, their first language is Kikuyu, their second language is Kiswahili (the National language of Kenya), and their third language is English. School is taught mostly in English.

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Do you go running with children who are sick or malnourished?
No. We only run with those children who are healthy, and who have been at Tumaini long enough to become so. We also are not only running with the children, as the Hope Runs program’s primary focus is on establishing the first structured after-school athletics program.

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How can I help?
There are so many ways! Any ideas you have on how you would like to get involved would be so very welcome! These are some of our current needs:

  • Videography and Production! All elements of video creation from production to editing. You can see the great need for this, as well our past videos on YouTube.
  • Airline Connections to Help Ship running shoes and supplies.
  • Sponsorships or Endorsements through Companies interested in helping the kids here, the running cause, or any of our upcoming races!
  • Running and athletic related equipment and supplies
  • Technology Support, including the money to pay for monthly internet here at Tumaini (see above)
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Donations
  • Connections to running clubs, university running teams, marathon tour groups, or marathon tourists
  • Other children’s centers and orphanages interested in any of these activities
  • Volunteers! We are grateful to have a number of volunteers coming this summer, and would love to host more.
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How can I contact Hope Runs?

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