FEATURED PROGRAM: Tomorrow’s Leaders:

  • Business and Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Kenyan High School Graduates:
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Tomorrow’s Leaders is an innovative entrepreneurship training program specifically designed to provide business education and entrepreneurship training to children living in AIDS orphanages. Most orphanages have the resources to meet only the most basic needs of its children – food, shelter and a secondary education. The children are often ill-prepared to compete in labor markets boasting unemployment rates of 15-30%. Tomorrow’s Leaders works to equip these children with the practical knowledge and skills to provide for themselves in some of the weakest economies in the region.

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Hope Runs is working with individuals at the Village Enterprise Fund and the UCLA Anderson School of Business to launch Tomorrow’s Leaders in one of Hope Runs’ partner orphanages in Nyeri, Kenya. Our goal is to establish Tomorrow’s Leaders as a scalable program that can be expanded to orphanages all over the world, impacting children and their communities for years to come. This program is currently being developed by full-time Hope Runs member, Zach Friedman, in Kenya.

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  • Daily Running Programs in Two Kenyan Orphanages – Hope Runs coaches are professional Kenyan runners who work with Hope Runs kids of all ages on a daily basis to promote Hope Runs mission
    • Student Runners Attending International Races – Our Hope Runners have attended five international races, including Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon, the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon and the Tusk Trust Safaricom Lewa Marathon at Mt. Kenya
    • Award-Placing Runners – At these races and other local races, our Hope Runners have repeatedly earned awards for their outstanding achievement.
  • Hope Runs University Scholarships – Hope Runs supports the university studies of our runners.
  • Student Entrepreneurial Projects – Hope Runs currently has two student-led entrepreneurial projects started and managed by Hope Runs secondary students
  • International Volunteers – Our Sumer Alvarez Fellowship program brings volunteers to Hope Runs orphanages for extended volunteering opportunities of two to eight months. With the belief that international involvement helps educate youth about the issues and difficulties facing the developing world, Hope Runs encourages our volunteers to create their own project tailored to each home. However, a few staples unify each program:
    • Summer Running Programs: Our volunteers are all athletes, and this summer, our Hope Runs volunteers began a new running program in a rural Tanzanian orphanage academy!
    • Proceeds Benefit Orphanages: The fundraising of our volunteers goes directly to the homes they work in. In Tanzania, this meant infrastructural and staff support at the orphanage academy.
    • Projects Include: Health Surveys by University of California San Francisco Medical Students, Psychological support by volunteer teachers, Art Therapy projects in conjunction with S. Africa AIDS orphan projects, Irrigation support to name a few!
    • Hope Runs Races – Our volunteer running coaches also organize orphanage-based races to encourage participation in the running program and to entice community support for Hope Runs programming
  • First Blog on the Internet Written by Orphans and Vulnerable Children: At, our Hope Runners share their experiences with the world. As the first of its kind on the internet, this website has become an award-winning addition to the Hope Runs accomplishments.
  • Five Thousand Donated Shoes: With the support of donors from home and our volunteers’ network, Hope Runs has brought nearly five thousand shoes to Africa to equip our runners safely
  • International Support: Support from home keeps our programs running:
    • Chapter Model: Our Chapter system lets anyone get involved–whether a grade school student in the US or a trained runner in Australia
    • Runner’s World Magazine: Our partnership with Runner’s World has led to a weekly video series and a Heroes of Running nomination for the founders
    • Awards and Grants: Nike Changemakers, Runner’s World Magazine and Donate for Children, and The Skoll Foundation have all recognized the efforts of Hope Runs
  • Hope Runs Founder Award Skoll Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University: Hope Runs founder Claire Williams was awarded a Skoll Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship from the Skoll Foundation. This scholarship includes the expansion of the Hope Runs program with the full support of the Said Business School at Oxford University.
  • Online Merchandise Store – Developed by one of the Hope Runs University Scholars, our online merchandise store helps to sell the handicrafts of the women working at the orphanage. All proceeds benefit the Tumaini orphanage.
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